The following are approximate fees and may change without prior notice. Please contact Admission for up-to-date information.


Application fee :

500 Baht (US$ 15)

Admission fees:

24,000 Baht (US$ 835)

Tuition fees :

2,400 Baht/Lecture Credit


+ 1,000 Baht/Lab Credit 

Administration fees:

24,000 Baht/Semester

Registration fee :

คนไทย ประมาณ ๕,๙๖๐ บาท/ภาคการศึกษา


Approx. 15,960 Baht/Semester


The tuition and registration fees are approximately 75,000 - 84,447 baht/semester, and roughly about 675,580 baht/4-year-course. The actual amount depends on the number of credits registered in each semester. These fees are not included living expenses and accommodation.