Faculty of Science and Technology offers Bachelor of Science Program in Industrial Sciences and Management in three majors:

  • Biotechnology
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Food Science and Technology.

Each major has its own core and industrial-oriented courses of 32 credits from total 139 credits

Students of the three majors have common classes in compulsory courses and free electives of 107 credits categorized in General Education, Mathematics & Sciences, Foundation of Science & Technology, Management & Industrial Oriented, Professional Skill & Practical Training and Free elective courses. 

General Education   (30 credits)

Part I:

TU100 : Civic Education
TU101 : Thailand, ASEAN and the World
TU102 : Social Life Skills
TU103 : Life and Sustainability
TU104 : Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing
TU105 : Communication Skills in English
TU106 : Creativity and Communication
TU050 : English Skill Development

Part II:    (Select 9 credits from the following subject list)

TU155 : Fundamental Statistics
TU122 : Law in Everyday Life
PY228 : Psychology of Interpersonal Relations
HO201 : Principle of Management
BA291 : Introduction of Business
EC210 : Introductory Economics

Mathematics & Science   (26 credits)

SC113 : General Biology
SC121 : Chemistry 1
SC122 : Chemistry 2
SC131 : Physics 1
SC132 : Physics 2
SC163 : General Biology Laboratory
SC171 : Chemistry Laboratory 1
SC172 : Chemistry Laboratory 2
SC181 : Physics Laboratory 1
SC182 : Physics Laboratory 2
MA218 : Calculus for Science 1
MA219 : Calculus for Science 2

Foundation of Science & Technology   (19 credits)

ISC194 : Microbiology
ISC195 : Microbiology Laboratory
ISC290 : Organic Chemistry in Industry
ISC291 : Analytical Chemistry and Applications for Industry
ISC293 : Physical Chemistry in Industrial Processes
ISC294 : General Biochemistry
ISC295 : General Biochemistry Laboratory

Management & Industrial-Oriented  (18 credits)

ISC193 : Financial and Managerial Accounting
ISC390 : Fundamental of Process Engineering
ISC391 : Quality Assurance
ISC392 : Marketing and Entrepreneurships
ISC491 : Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Industry
ISC492 : Plant Management and Investment

Professional Skill & Training  (8 credits)

ISC292 : Ethics in Sciences
ISC490 : Field Training
ISC493 : Presentation Skill for Industrial Sciences and Management Seminar
ISC494 : Special Problems in Sciences and Technology
ST338 : Experimental Designs for Science

Free Electives   (6 credits)

Student may choose any course offered in Thammasat University except
1. General basic courses in Science and Mathematics.
2. General Education courses both part I and II

Biotechnology   (32 credits)

BT242 : Genetics
BT243 : Genetics Laboratory
ISC208 : Principles of Biotechnology
ISC306 : Microbial Genetics and Physiology
ISC307 : Cell and Tissue Culture
ISC308 : Genetic Engineering
ISC309 : Genetic Engineering Laboratory
ISC406 : Bioinformatics
ISC417 : Industrial Microbiology and Fermentation Technology

And select 9 credits from the following subject list

ISC316 : Basic Environmental Biotechnology
ISC317 : Computer-Aided Drug Design
ISC318 : Nanobiotechnology for Industrial Science
ISC319 : Enzyme Technology for Industry
ISC457 : Plant Biotechnology
ISC426 : Biological Control
ISC416 : Fundamental Immunology
ISC418 : Animal Biotechnology

Applied Chemistry   (32 credits)

ISC232 : Inorganic Chemistry and application
ISC330 : Organic Chemistry and application
ISC332 : Inorganic Chemistry for Industrial Uses
ISC341 : Instrumental Analysis for Industrial Processes
ISC343 : Physical Chemistry and applications for Chemical Industries
ISC351 : Principles of Spectroscopy for Applied Chemists
ISC352 : Applications of Spectroscopy for Industrial scientist

And select 9 credits from the following subject list

ISC356 : Industrial Chemistry
ISC438 : Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry for Industrial Uses
ISC439 : Special Topics in Spectroscopy for Applied Chemistry
ISC447 : Special Topics in Chemistry for Industrial Sciences and Management
ISC448 : Special Topics in Chemistry of Novel Materials
ISC449 : Special Topics in Physical Chemistry for Industrial Science
ISC457 : Special Topics in Polymer Science
ISC459 : Special topics in Chemical Technology
CM306 : Advanced Organic Chemistry
CM307 : Organic Synthesis Laboratory
CM326 : Instrumental Analysis 2
CM376 : Polymer Chemistry
CM466 : Petrochemistry and Technology

Food Science & Technology   (32 credits)

ISC260 : Food Laws
ISC360 : Microbiology for Food Industry
ISC370 : Food Process Technology 1
ISC371 : Food Process Technology 2
ISC372 : Food Process Engineering
ISC380 : Principles of Food Chemistry
ISC381 : Chemical Analysis of Foods
ISC382 : Nutrition for Food Manufacturer
ISC460 : Sanitation for Food Industry

And select 6 credits from the following subject list

ISC466 : Fermented Food and Products
ISC467 : Food Product Development and Innnovation
ISC468 : Sensory Analysis of Foods
ISC469 : Selected Topics in Food Science and Technology
ISC476 : Meat and Poultry Product Technology
ISC477 : Dairy Science and Technology
ISC478 : Bakery Science and Technology
ISC486 : Food Packaging and Material Technology
ISC487 : Introduction to Food Toxicology
ISC488 : Nurtraceutical and Functional Foods
ISC446 : Fruit and Vegetable Product Technology