Bernardo said it as if he ordered Manchester City to go to Barcelona.

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has said that he will be competing from the Etihad Stadium to dress up as a new member of Barcelona.

Sources from several media outlets in Spain spread the news that City had received a guaranteed deal of £ 64 million , with the remaining £ 16 million being given options. This time it was only left to negotiate personal details.     

This led to the spread of words from the 28 -year-old , who just celebrated his birthday on August 10. UFABET that his future on the career path is difficult to determine . 

“ I always say I’m happy here. But I really don’t know what is going to happen , we’ll see. ” Opening his mouth via ‘ ESPN ‘

“ My relationship with the club is straightforward. I open up to them And they know exactly what I want. ” 

“ If I stay, I’m very happy. and I will respect the club Ready to give everything I have , but if not , it’s football. We will see what will happen. ”

“ They keep telling us that if they are unhappy they can leave. ”

“ Of course there is football business involved. It needs a decent number to set us free. But as a personal relationship, I have great respect for the team. ” 

“ The club has always been sincere with me. and he was faithful in return to them. ”

“ Just as I always study. I respect my relationship with Manchester City , with the fans , with the staff , with the teammates, so in the end no matter what. It will be in the most respectful way. ” 

Bernardo has made 251 appearances for City , scoring 48 goals , 50 assists, winning all domestic trophies. But have never touched the Championship of Champions. In addition, the move to the Catalan region makes it closer to the family in Portugal.