Fat Burn Zone: The time period when exercise helps burn the most fat.

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Want to exercise to get a beautiful, proportionate figure? and toned and fit It must be an exercise that helps burn fat well. But there are many people who go to the gym every day. But the weight had not decreased, and the thick rubber ring around her waist was still there. It might be because you didn’t exercise during the period that burns fat the best body.

Have you ever tried to notice that? If we ride our bicycles and continue enjoying the scenery. ทางเข้า ufabet  Try riding a bicycle with all your might. Tiredness is very different. The heart beats thumping during the Fat Burn Zone period, which is when you exercise moderately but continuously without being too tired and panting. But I could feel my heart beating faster. This is often found when we cycle, do aerobics, run, swim, and other things that are not weight lifting. at a moderate speed And the rhythm remains constant for a while, maybe 15-30 minutes, depending on each person’s strength.

If you start exercising harder It will start as Cardio which will start as a heart exercise. The body may not be able to endure this period for as long as during the Fat Burn Zone, which is moderate exercise. but longer