What is ISC-TU?

ISC-TU is an abbreviation for Industrial Science and Management at Thammasat University.
Our mission is to produce graduates in the field of Science and Technology focused on Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry or Food Science and Technology with intelligent business solutions. Our affable, knowledgeable, and devoted professional both academic and supporting staff will help inspire, educate and reinforce our students to become well-positioned in the global race for excellence, talent and success.


Our vision with the international undergraduate program in Industrial Science and Management is to produce insightful graduates for industries with a moral commitment to society.


Our mission is to produce graduates in the field of Science and Technology with intelligent business solutions. Our knowledgeable, devoted and supportive staff will help inspire, educate and reinforce our students to become well-positioned in the global race for excellence and success. 

Focusing on Industry in Chemistry 

Topics of potential interest include emphasizing the collaborative nature of chemistry as a multidisciplinary science and emerging challenges in the chemical industry, entrepreneurship and job creation in chemistry, translating chemical research discoveries into new commercial products, IP concerns in chemistry, optimization of chemistry workflows, use of six sigma and lean manufacturing practices in the chemical industry, disruptive chemical technologies, platform technologies in chemistry, leadership in the chemical industry, management in the chemical industry, talent acquisition training in the chemical industry, etc. 

Focusing on Industry in Food Science and Technology

Emphasizing on integration of science and management in many aspects including

a) Food safety mainly for preventing hazards due to foodborne disease, mycotoxin, toxicants, and physical hazards
b) Quality of food for manufacturing food with correct food characteristics such as appearance, texture and flavor   
c) Processing and Engineering of food for standard production
d) Novel or innovative food products with high consumer acceptance
e) Food with high nutritional quality for global wellness  

Focusing on Industry in Biotechnology

As the world changes dynamically and rapidly, Biotechnological interests are exclusively focused in bridging biosciences and management to emerge innovations and privatizations.
Multiple paths via bioentrepreneurship, bioprocess technology, genetic engineering, plant and animal tissue culture, bioinformatics (drug design), microbiology and immunology, have a potential to be further successfully developed in various area, especially in agricultural and biopharmaceutical industries.